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Advancing Document Destruction and Records Management in Europe and Beyond.

Data management solutions by a leading European provider.

Companies and public bodies hold confidential information on staff, customers, or private individuals. This data must be protected from unauthorized access while in use and must be securely destroyed afterwards.

As European market leader for data and document destruction and a leading European provider for records management, we set new standards in data security and specialize in offering digital and analogue tailor-made solutions that allow our customers to concentrate on the essential values of their business.

By January 2016, our constantly growing REISSWOLF network consists of 68 partners in 35 countries in Europe and beyond, with more than 1,200 employees serving around 80,000 clients with an annual turnover of over 90 million euros, disposing of 194,000 tons of data. Stacked up, the daily amount of conventional files would be as tall as 45 Eiffel Towers. And of course, 100 percent of all the shredded documents are recycled.


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